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Generate First Party Data at Any Customer Touchpoint

Openscreen Engage combines dynamic QR Codes, real time messaging, customer consent and first-party data capture to drive customer loyalty, organic revenue growth and insights you’ve never had before.

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know more. Engage more. sell more.

Build Loyalty While Your Customers are Interacting with Your Brand

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Build and Know Your Customer Base

Build contactless campaigns and capture new customers

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Generate First Party Data

Leverage your existing customers to sell more products

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Increase Loyalty and Retention

Connect and engage with customers to drive meaningful insights.

How it works

Engage with your customers



Customers scan an Openscreen Engage QR Code in response to a call-to-action campaign



Openscreen captures first-party and contextual data at the point of interaction



Contacta data and consent is captured in real time and pushed to CRM via our plugins



Openscreen provides real time, personalized messaging back to your customer



Data captured at every engagement point is provided back as insights to you

what we offer

key capabilities

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Scan-to-form QR Codes

Easy integration via plug-ins to popular 3rd party Customer Relationship Management and Reporting platforms.

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Contact management and consent capture

Capture, store and manage customer profiles with engagement and consent data natively within Openscreen

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Integration to Customer Relationship Management systems

Comprehensive REST API and JavaScript, Python software development kits with documentation, reference materials and project examples

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Real time SMS and email messaging

Drive a consistent and seamless engagement experience from the customer scan to personalized engagement.

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Out of the box web forms for data capture

Connect with your customers with real time SMS and e-mail messages sent as part of the scan workflow

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Fully documented API & SDK for custom configuration

powerful visual reporting by time & data, volume, geography, device and more, with data download or direct integration via API/SDK